Welcome to The Corridor Group

Entrepreneurialism and The Corridor Group go hand in hand. “We love the startups!” exclaims Ann Brnjac Brannan, founder of The Corridor Group, LLC.

The company name stems from a theory known as “The Corridor Principle” which states that “with every venture launched, new and unintended opportunities often arise.” Most entrepreneurs have experienced failure. But, what might seem like failure at first glance is actually just a step on the path to future success. Serial entrepreneurs find themselves in a Corridor in which there are doors at every turn that are just waiting to be opened and explored.

We believe that new business and career opportunities are all around us. Along with the opportunities come risks but many risks can be anticipated and mitigated. Take a great idea, a competent team and a well thought out plan, and overlay that against a supportive political environment and start-ups can flourish. The Corridor Group can help you assess and evaluate your risk and roadblocks in order to identify the fastest path to success.