About Us

Ann Brnjac Brannan is the founder and owner of The Corridor Group, LLC. Ann earned her undergraduate degree in Finance from Santa Clara University in Northern California and has an MBA from the University of Virginia – Darden.

Her business experience is extensive; both in the USA and internationally. After the opening of Eastern Europe in the early 1990’s, Ann moved to Vienna, Austria and joined the Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division which was the headquarters for 23 countries. As the Finance Manager for a 6–country Region that included Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Macedonia, entering new markets required flexibility and openness to trying new things. Even though Coca-Cola is a large multi-national, our work was extremely entrepreneurial. Ann worked closely with the Marketing and Operation departments as well as the Country offices to do whatever it took to get the product into the new markets.

Back in the U.S., Ann worked for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA where she co-established the Industry Insights team to identify and evaluate global and local competitive threats. One of the main accomplishments was to lead a cross-functional team in creating and implementing a software tool to allow all levels of the company to identify and report on competitive activity and threats.

In 2003, Ann founded THE CORRIDOR GROUP, LLC. This entity serves as a platform for assisting individuals, startups, non-profits, and corporations in achieving their strategic goals. Ann’s passion is with the start-ups. Entrepreneurial in nature, Ann specializes in working with early-stage companies to fine-tune their elevator pitch, identify growth avenues, reach out to potential investors or strategic partners and most importantly, determine the critical factors that define the fastest path to success.

The Corridor Group also invests in new ventures. We understand that cash flow is critical in getting a new business off the ground. The Corridor Group often considers pay in the form of equity and options based on a mutually agreeable valuation. Some of the entities we have invested in include: Amedica/US Spine (http://amedica.com/) and Stopper Toppers™ (www.stoppertoppers.com) by Bathroom Bling™ (www.Bathroom-bling.com).

While there may be numerous opportunities and avenues to take, it is important to evaluate, assess and ultimately determine an action plan. The Corridor Group can help you see the forest through the trees. Or said another way…we can help you choose which doors to open in the long Corridor that lies ahead. At the end of the day, one must take risks and open some doors. Let the Corridor Group help guide you to the right path to success!